Sexy girls used as human furniture and home decorations.

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Model Call


We are looking for male and female models and riggers. We are located in Las Vegas, NV


We prefer working with models who enjoy the activities that our sites portray. In particular we are looking for models with experience

and interest in various types of fetish/bondage modelling.


We will also give you a copy of all pictures we shoot and you can use them on your pay or free site. Some conditions apply.


Please fill out this form to let us know you are interested and we will contact you promptly:

The information and pictures you enter will only be seen by our producers.

Stage Name:



Zip Code (US Only):

State (US only):


Phone (optional):

Website / modeling portfolio (optional):


Year of birth:

Height (ft'in"):

Weight (lb):

Hair color:

Measurements (female):

Chest:   Waist:   Hips:

Measurements (male, inches):


Experience Level :


(Check each field you are OK with. Give more details in the coment section below if needed)


Full nudity:

Partial Nudity (topless) :

No Nudity:


Dildo penetration:

Non-genital male contact (e.g. spanking, caressing):

Non-genital female contact (e.g. spanking, caressing):

Genital male contact (fingers):

Genital female contact (fingers):

Receiving oral sex (with female):

Giving oral sex (with female):

Receiving oral sex (with male):

Giving oral sex (with male):

Boy/girl vaginal penetration :

Boy/girl anal penetration :


S&M: Light :

S&M: Moderate:

S&M: Heavy:

Foot worship (receiving):

Foot worship (giving, with female):

Basic bondage:

Suspension bondage:




Tell us anything else we need to know here.



Send us some recent pictures of yourself here. Alternatively, tell us where we can see some in the Comment field above, e.g. online portfolio etc.


If you are interested in nude work please make sure we can see at least one recent full body nude picture.


Maximum Image Size: 250KB


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